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WorkHorse Games
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Ordering Options:
Credit Card
RegNow handles all credit card orders. Orders can be placed online by clicking on the green link at
the bottom of the opening screen for program you wish to buy. It will take you to the program's order
page, once there you can select the currency you wish to use by selecting it from the list in the upper
left corner. You can set how many copies of the software you wish to buy. Then purchase  them by
clicking "Order Now" and filling out the pages that fallow. Once you have purchased the program you
will be given a download link to a free version of the program.
Check, Cash, Money Order
If you cannot or are unwilling to pay by credit card there are other payment options. WorkHorse
Games is willing to accept mail orders for its games. All orders must be in US Dollars any other
currency will not be accepted. Print our
order form, fill it out, and send it to:

WorkHorse Games
310 W. Ketella Ave.
Orange, Ca. 92867 USA

     Check orders will be delayed until after the check clears all other orders will be processed as
soon as possible. Make all checks and money orders out to WorkHorse Games.
If disks are damaged or are otherwise unusable return them to the above address with a new order
form. If your order is in our database new disks will be sent as soon as possible. If program was
e-mailed to you and was unusable no returns will be possible.